Hi. My name's Alan. I'm the one behind the curtain you shouldn't be paying attention to. And I find it difficult to write about myself.

I also watch a painful amount of television, I have an unhealthy obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I dislike selfies, I enjoy long sentences, I use the word "though" too much, and I spend damn near all of my free time staring at this screen in an attempt to make it look a certain way, so that you'll want what's on your screen to jump from it and onto other items you own. All for the low, low cost of paying my bills and letting me quit my day job! Just your average gay, Argentinian/Irish, 30-something, New York-grown, New Jersey-based cismale artist.

As of this writing, Arthur Popular is brand spankin' new. Officially established Dec. 2, '17. It is a combination of most of what I've been doing online over the past 5-ish years (give or take a couple nonexaggeratory decades), and will hopefully be the home to much more for many years to come. Until then: graphic design, too much television, and a soundtrack for it all.

Other than all that, thanks for being here. I'm doing my best to translate all the crazy in my brain into something tangible that makes some kind of sense and I can only hope that some of you will enjoy it. So please sit back, relax, read, view, consume, wear, make love to, piggyback ride, and tattletale on all of these pieces of something-or-other and try to enjoy it while you do. (Please and thanks [again].)