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Every single way I can think of to describe how I feel about music is incredibly clichéd. So, I'll just have to own it, kids. Music is basically everything and I'm cliché as fuck. I don't really want to talk about it, though. So, just listen.
(A.K.A. On occasion, I'll post a good song that makes me feel lots of things.)



You know how there's way too much TV nowadays? And you know how a whole bunch of it is pure crap and that's fucking exhausting? Well, I watch the most interesting seeming new shows and tell you bluntly and quickly if you should watch them too.



Arthur Popular used to be Queeroid.com, The Qtv Review, and Queeroid Designs. Before that, it was Friendly-Wounds.com. And queeroid.net. And unknown-variable.org. And lots of other random things over the way-too-many years I've been doing graphic design. Ironic, oh-so-cool site names like Adored HatredNervous Calm, Full Emptiness, etc. abounded. There was also Melody Coated. (Sidebar: Go listen to every Esthero song right now.) Oh, and lots of fanlistings. Even further back than that, there was ILB's IMG's, which I refuse to explain. Farther back still, there were, in fact, more embarrassing things for me to not mention now or ever again. Basically, if words like "Geocities," "Angelfire," and "ICQ" make you emit a nostalgic "aww!" rather than a confused "um?" ... then you probably understand. (Hello to you, compassionate xennial!)

Today, it's weird artwork and the music and TV I listened to and watched, respectively, while making it. Enjoy it all! (Please and thank you.)

Also, Arthur is not a person. It's a brand. (Sorry. Believe it or not, "Popular" is not an actual surname.) See Manifesto for more.