April Roundup, '18


Since April is historically a slow TV month (at least in terms of premieres), I'm lumping in a few shows that premiered on March 31st. (Don't they know I post at the end of the month? I mean, how dare they setup their schedules like that, amirite?)

Watch This Shit:

  • Killing Eve

    Sandra Oh's an investigator (turned secret agent?) looking for an assassin with tiny titties. Dr. Foster's homewrecker is the assassin, and she's super into it. (Plus she fucks with kids while she's at it, which... lol.) It's cat and mouse, and it's done very well.

  • The Last O.G.

    This one's a looong time coming. The series Tracy was going to make with FX (before the car accident) eventually got scrapped and became this. Also, Tiffany Haddish is in it. That's pretty much all you need to know. "Second chances are a beautiful thing." Watch it.

  • Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas

    So, let me just first say: Seeso was the shit. Apparently not when it first started, but... definitely before the very end, there was real quality content. Wyatt Cenac's Night Train was some of it. With Seeso dead, the new season of Night Train was dead too.

    Cue HBO, which realized Wyatt was a good time at some point along the way, and made Problem Areas the result. Cenac's taking a hard look at all the corners of a problem which most folks tend not to think about. (The corners, I mean. Not the problems.) We all have to deal with the problems, some more than others, but Wyatt's passionately looking for solutions. Sometimes from a retro basement with some killer mod decor.


  • Craig of the Creek

    It's pretty much less-young Clarence.

    P.S. Shoutout to Terry Crews who exercises like crazy, even when he's a cartoon.

  • The Dangerous Book for Boys

    A bunch of boys being boys. Also their mom and grandmother. But not Dad 'cause he's dead. (His long-lost identical twin brother shows up and, yes, my eyeballs did just roll themselves out of my god damn skull.) Though he died after he left a bunch of fucking books for these annoying-ass kids to read in between constantly fighting with each other. (Kids are the fucking worsttttt, y'all.)

  • The Letdown

    Speaking of kids being the absolute worst... If you're on the fence about having them, and you'd really like something to convince you to definitely not, give this show a shot.

Don't Watch This Shit:

The Shit I'm Not Sure About, but Am Telling You to Watch Anyway:

  • Very Superstitious with George Lopez

    I'm not the world's biggest George Lopez fan, but I too grew up in a hella superstitious Spanish household, and it's made me curious enough [about how other families freak each other out] to watch this series. George travels around, visiting scared bitches, and asks them what's up... presumably? I don't know, it doesn't premiere until tonight, though it does premiere in its entirety (that's right, all episodes of the first season). It should (fingers crossed) be at least good enough to watch an episode of. So, do it. Or else you'll break your mother's back. Also, eat 12 grapes. And wear red thread in your underwear. And lift your legs off the ground when driving over train tracks. And hold your breath when driving by a graveyard. And kiss the ceiling when you drive under a yellow light. (Holy shit, my family made me one hell of a superstitious driver!)