November Roundup, '18


Not a whole lot to sift through this month, but some goodness nonetheless. Plus a couple series I missed last month that are definitely worth a watch.

Watch This Shit:

  • The Bisexual

    A women comes to terms with her love for birds and bees after her relationship with her long-term bird falls apart and she moves in with a strange bee.

    She's properly charming, in a messy sort of way. Definitely watch.

  • Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross & Dave Attell

    Roast masters doing what they do: cutting people the fuck up, especially each other.

  • Homecoming

    Julia Roberts is a waitress who used to be a caseworker aiding soldiers coming back to the states from war-torn wherever-the-fuck a Republican president sent them. Turns out the company she used to work for was not on the up-and-up. It was on the very-low-down-and-down, in point of fact. And Julia's just now finding out about it because an agent from the DOJ came to the restaurant to question her. The twist comes from her actually being unable to answer any of his questions. Memory mystery! Dramz! Thrills! Watch!

  • Super Drags

    If the Powerpuff Girls were drag queens. And drawn for gay adults. (Which... I mean... the Powerpuff Girls kinda were... just sayin'.)

    Or, like... if the Power Rangers lip synced for their lives rather than forming the Megazord. And Rita Repulsa sent a giant butt monster rather than the big versions of whatever-the-hell she used to send to the Rangers. (I had to Google "Megazord," I'm too 32-years-old to remember that shit.)

    It's a drag queen superhero cartoon for grown-ass gays, y'all.


  • Dirty John

    Connie Britton falls for a terrible guy. Her obnoxious daughters rightfully hate him.

  • The Final Table

    What it's got that other cooking shows have: lots of chefs from all over the world, spotlights on said chefs, challenging dishes they need to make, and a weirdly huge set to cook them in. What it thinks is unique to it: all of that not-unique shit I just listed. What's actually unique to this series: some kind of Jesus' Last Supper Club the winner will get to be a part of? I don't know, the prize is unclear. It's cooking on Netflix. If that sounds like it's your slice of international bread, go for it.

  • Inside Jokes

    A docuseries focusing on a group of comedians vying for a spot at the Montreal Just For Laughs festival. The focus is definitely more-so on the lives of the comics, though there are bits of stand-up, but you'll feel like you've heard it before (because you did, earlier in the episode).

  • Origin

    So, Earth's officially dying (thanks, Drumpf) and a bunch of people get the opportunity to start a new planet elsewhere ('cause the murder of Earth is definitely gonna be that easy to fix), but while on their giant-ass spaceship where they're supposed to sleep their asses off, a handful of people wake up early. When they're not accidentally killing each other, we're seeing bits of the past. It's Lost meets Passengers meets Cube.

Don't Watch This Shit:

The Shit I Missed:

  • Tell Me a Story

    With Grimm and Once now off the air, Kevin Williamson heard the call of the faeries! Here's the latest modern retelling of fairytales. This one includes Paul Wesley in his skivvies and full James Wolk ass. So, a definite must watch, obvs. (Paul's "Fuck You" tattoo is ridiculous, though, real or not.)

    In all seriousness, I've enjoyed everything Kevin Williamson has ever done. I'm really fucking excited about this series. There are a couple classic cliche moments, if I'm being totally honest (one of those "don't be a hero" looks, plus a good ol' "NOOOOOO!" scream while holding a dead loved one), but overall: it's a good time.

  • This Week at the Comedy Cellar

    A new take on a stand-up series, in that it's not a straight set. It's a particular topic and the best jokes from a handful of sets performed at the legendary club about said topic, mixed in with round-table discussions at the infamous "comics' table," bringing us into the real inner circle of New York stand-up.