Florida Buffy Tattoos & You're the Worst

 YOU'RE THE WORST --  Pictured: (l-r) Aya Cash as Gretchen Cutler, Chris Geere as Jimmy Shive-Overly, Kether Donohue as Lindsay Jillian, Desmin Borges as Edgar Quintero. CR: Autumn De Wilde/FX

Do please excuse my absence. I was in Florida cementing my Buffy obsession. To summarize my travel experience:

  1. I miss Oz. Beecher+Keller4E.
  2. Life without Facebook/Kim Fucking Davis all over my Facebook newsfeed is great.
  3. Weed is stupid.
  4. Inner-knee tattoos are murder.
  5. Spirit Airlines is the absolute worst.

And speaking of...

You're the Worst might be my favorite sitcom of all time. The second season premiered on FXX while I was away, moved there after it's first-season run on FX (either because the powers that be had more faith in Married [which I just couldn't stomach beyond it's first episode, so... doubtful] or because they really do want FXX to be a quality channel). So, out of all the DVRed beauties I had waiting for me when I got home, You're the Worst is the one I grabbed first.

Drugs, booze, briefs, head wigglies, and former colony burns do, indeed, a good House Party viewing make. This is where we catch up with our favorite terrible couple. They're living together with our favorite actual nice guy where they drive him crazy without any remorse or regrets. If you lived your life as these characters do, you might never learn your home address, you might always secretly eat extra meals, and you might be incredibly insulted at the thought of cell phone family plans. Bitch-slaps in response to a refusal to do butt stuff might also be acceptable.

Then there's the following fact of life, which I absolutely had to quote directly:

"Sleepy bitches lose their right to use normal people phones. Sleepy bitches only get to use phones made for hookers and drug addicts and irresponsible garbage people."

This is writing that makes me happy about television. It's ridiculous without being completely stupid. It's a mustache someone with a job forgot to shave, rather than a mustache someone used a mini-curling iron to twist at the ends. It's an ironic selfie that shows some moron taking their 32nd selfie in a row (because they don't like how their face looked in the first 31) in the background, rather than a 32nd pointless angle of your irrelevant face.

Sorry. That feels a bit harsh. Your face may be quite relevant. It's just... I still hate pictures of it. I do. Fuck your selfie.

The point is: it's writing that's supposed to insult you, in general. And it does so without insulting your intelligence. It's not #epic or #classic or out there for you to enjoy because #yolo. It's out there because assholes exist and they hate you and sometimes they're funny about it.

Not Kim Davis, though.

More to come when it hurts less to sit on my insanely tattooed leg.