Pants, Trains, and Editor Layoffs


I. Love. Scorpion. Like, a lot. I want to turn straight and marry Paige just so I can adopt Ralph as my son and hang out with him all day and have him teach me things. I think it's literally impossible for anyone to be any cuter than him.

The jams these kooky kids seem to get themselves into may be highly improbable (check me out using smart people words like "improbable!"), but the stories are generally told well enough to overlook it. That being said... the folks behind the scenes need new editors. Random continuity bullshit keeps popping up that just annoys the piss out of me. Let's talk about the last episode which had Happy hanging upside-down from her pant leg and having to take her pants off in order to cut loose. Take that for what it is and it seems like a perfectly acceptable excuse to get a women in her underwear. Add to the scenario the massive black boots she somehow managed to slide through her skinny jeans and continued to wear post-hang... it becomes a really poor and lazy excuse to get a chick in her panties. Then there's the latest episode which had the speeding, fully automated (i.e. no driver) train headed straight for Walter and Happy, who are greezin' up the tracks (that's supposed to slow the train down somehow because: smart people). Just before they both successfully got out of the way of the fully automated train with no driver... it honked at them. You'd think a show about geniuses would be built by people who wouldn't make such stupid mistakes.

Other than that fuckery, it's a thoroughly entertaining show. The action is not obnoxious, nor is it cliché. The drama also sits at a nice, not-over-the-top resting place since the genius mind isn't exactly capable of normal human emotion at all times. What's perfect about that is how much more impactful it is when they are actual regular-ass people who feel shit. I mean, Walter waving at Paige through the window of the speeding train because it might be their last time ever seeing each other... I. CAN'T!

I'm keeping this short because I've got pizza to devour, so I'll say "Watch this shit" and call it a day.

P.S. Peri Gilpin all day and night. The end.