Off With His Shirt!


What can I say about Galavant? They know their audience.

I live a happy, gay DVR life. Last season, to my delight, part of that life was filled with the tale of a man from "way back in days of old" who rescued bitches, sang songs about it, and created laughter in the process. Not one thing about the show annoyed me and not one of the actors, writers, directors, nor composers did a bad job, so I, of course, waited for it to be cancelled, as is what happens with most equally unique and good television these days.

Based on Sunday night's second season premiere, it seems the creatives behind the series expected it as well. In the most delightfully meta fashion, the opening does away with the old ("let's please everybody") and brings in the new ("fuck everyone, please the ones who love us")...

Is this the reason I'm posting about it, you ask? Nay, I say. The "they know their audience" angle comes to play with the Kylie Minogue cameo. The boys happen upon a charming little pub called The Enchanted Forrest, where only fabulous men go to tip queens. Yes, folks. A gay bar of yore.

All I can do is applaud. And respectfully request of the ladies and gents behind the scenes of Galavant: Keep up the good work. And continue losing shirts.

If there's anything I could say to the ABC brass, who smartly decided to renew the show and might be wondering if the ratings are as good as they'd like them to be: We're out there. DVR-ing the crap out of this. And rewinding and pausing. And we'll continue to do so. Until the abs go soft. (And probably still even then.)