London Spy: TK.


Dear loyal and lovely readers of this little blog o' mine, stop every single thing you're doing and watch London Spy on BBC America right now. I've already watched every episode in my crafty (and legal) "I have friends in the UK who Skyped with me while they watched it when it aired earlier than on BBC America" kind of way. So, my solemn promise to you is to talk about each episode once the entire run of episodes airs.

If all episodes air and you've watched them with baited breath waiting for my oh-so mesmerizing review of each one that never actually gets posted on this here blog, feel free to send me cyber bitch slaps until I post them as promised. (I'll be doing the same with Hannibal, as previously promised. Just... you know... eventually. I got shit to do, y'all.)

That is all and I thank you for your time. Stay gorgeous.