No Pyramid for Old Men


There seems to be a resurgence of old game shows in new incarnations, all of which I'm not mad at. Except for $100,000 Pyramid. And that's because: Michael whoever-the-fuck is the absolute worst. He tries so damn hard to be likable that it's unbelievably irritating. Ont he other hand, Anthony Anderson knows he's annoying and he just laughs even louder about it, which makes me not hate him. Plus his mom is the mother fucking jam, especially when she openly (and honestly) insults the liars by calling them stupid and weird. So, I find my DVR suddenly filled with To Tell the Truth, Match Game, Celebrity Family Feud, and Gay for Play (Match Game for us Q folks). But not Pyramid. Because that shit sucksssss. Although, my husband happily watches it without me on Hulu. When we're not watching new episodes, we're switching over to our antenna, watching the local game show network: Buzzr. For those of you who are unfortunately not in the know, Buzzr is the best thing that's ever happened to  a cheap, television-obsessed insomniac. Especially one who says "aww" in response to cute celebrity shit as much as Annie and Shirley would. Which brings me to:

Ellen Degeneres should reboot Tattletales. Of all the re-runs played on Buzzr, Tattletales is by far my favorite show that I've never been alive enough to watch. And of all the people funny and witty enough to make celebrities think their stories are interesting, Ellen's the one to do it.

Do it, Ellen. Do it now. Please? And thank you.

PS: Richard Dawson was a fuckin' creep. But Gretchen Johnson was cute.