World, Meet Arthur


It's here! It's happening! The excitement of it allllll! I finally got enough of my shit together to make this sucker live! Arthur Popular, as of this very moment, really-truly-madly-deeply exists.

Although... that's kind of a lie. It was officially born on December 2, 2017. It just took a while for it to lose it's baby ugliness. (You know how all newborns are hideous, right? I mean, let's be real. It takes at least a couple weeks for that thing to quit looking like an alien.)

It is still technically under construction, as much of the content that will be here still needs to be migrated over. I'm going to be focused on that before I can get to posting new new stuff. So, if you've followed me (thanks, gurl!) on any of the various places my internet tentacles have reached, you may see some stuff you've seen before. Though, some of it is being updated/modified/made-less-awful, so it might still look a little shiny. And the other new new stuff that will make its way here eventually? I swear, you are gonna be so blown away by how new it is. You're gonna be like, "Damn... that new shit... that stuff has not been seen by me before." For real.

Anyway, speaking of "internet tentacles," here is the current state of the front page "History" section (just in case it ever gets removed):

Arthur Popular used to be Queeroid.comThe Qtv Review, and Queeroid Designs. Before that, it was And And And lots of other random things over the way-too-many years I've been doing graphic design. Ironic, oh-so-cool site names like Adored HatredNervous CalmFull Emptiness, etc. abounded. There was also Melody Coated. (Sidebar: Go listen to every Esthero song right now.) Oh, and lots of fanlistings. Even further back than that, there was ILB's IMG's, which I refuse to explain. Farther back still, there were, in fact, more embarrassing things for me to not mention now or ever again. Basically, if words like "Geocities," "Angelfire," and "ICQ" make you emit a nostalgic "aww!" rather than a confused "um?" ... then you probably understand. (Hello to you, compassionate xennial!)
Today, it's weird artwork and the music and TV I listened to and watched while making it. Enjoy it all! (Please and thank you.)
Also, Arthur is not a person. It's a brand. (Sorry. Believe it or not, "Popular" is not an actual surname.)

So, there you have it. Much more to come. Browse and browse and browse (there ain't a whole lot yet besides TV, I know) and feel free to leave me love notes or hate mail. I'm not mad at feedback. —A